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About Us

Kinvestmentsltd is here to bring crypto coin mining to the world investment. Everyday around the world, people seek for financial opportunity by trading the market. Kinvestments believe crypto has a long and significant role in the new monetary system. We think trading opportunities should be open to everyone.

Our goal is to raise capital with trading on landed properties, crypto currency,high active shares equities,specialist credits and multi assets and foreign exchange too,With Kinvestments you can trade with confidence, we have established a loud reputation already and also with 3years experience in making trading a reality for millions of people.

We believe in putting our clients, and their beneficiaries, first. This is reflected in our recognition of the importance of shared objectives – our investment teams’ incentives are always aligned with those of our clients. Our investment decisions are motivated by sustainability considerations and justified by the use of leading industry research and proprietary data. We have been at the vanguard of sustainable investing for more than three decades and integrate ESG and active ownership across all our strategies. Our approach to holistic returns means we are committed to delivering excellent long-term investment performance and stewardship, while improving the lives of many.

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Access our carefully prepared investment offer

Standard Plan

3.6% Daily for 4 Days

Minimum Investment: 100 USD

Maximum Investment: 499 USD

10% Direct Referral

Premium Plan

4.2% daily for 3 days

Minimum Investment: 500 USD

Maximum Investment: 4999 USD

10% Direct Referral


Leaders Plan

5.2% daily for 2 days

Minimum Investment: 5000 USD

Maximum Investment: 10000 USD

10% Direct Referral




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